What is CKCF?

Kawasaki-club has been run in Finland over ten years by Kawasakienthusiasts. First there was a club for Z1-Owners and it expanded to CKCF. There are similar clubs abroad so the need for similar club in Finland was clear. It was realised that all who were interested in older Kawasakis could well belong to same club so Classic Kawasaki Club Finland was born.

It's not easy to develop activities and functions for the club due to the lack of time, money and geographics. Dispite of the previous obstacles many good things have been accomplished. The club has it's own logo, domain, shoulder badge and the latest and greatest is the big back badge. Over the years the stack of KAWAZINE-magazines that came out has grown tall. The club has been noted in both Moto and Mobilisti magazines (Finnish magazines specialized on classic bikes and cars). Some club members have been contributing to making of Mobilisti magazine's articles and their bikes have been on display in various Motorcycle shows.

Spare parts and especially their availability interest and concern every Kawasaki enthusiast (like all the others who deal with classic bikes). Over the years the best sources, along with prices and availability, have become well known. Sometimes it's easier and cheaper to get the parts nearer than far. CKCF has good connections with Finnish Kawasaki importer Sumeko Oy ( The club has held several meetings of its own (called Classic bike Weekend) and worked together with another finnish club specialised in classic japanese motorcycles called Japsistarat.

The Future of CKCF

Activities continue. Publishing of the club magazine Kawazine has been put on hold for the time being, but the possibility to publish it over the internet is under discussion. Main reason for putting the magazine on hold is the lack of time and resources. Main means of communication between club members is the discussion forum on the club's website right here.

For now there is no annual fee for the CKCF members. New members pay a fee of 10€ which includes shoulder badge and, if the member so wishes, re-directing of e-mail via -address. For members the shoulder badge costs 5€ and the back badge 23€. In Metro-Helsinki area the members gather to Haltialan Tila every wednesday during on-season, all Kawasaki-enthusiasts are warmly welcome. If you want to join, please contact